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UNPA Excited about Availability of MarketReady Insights for Industry

Lauren Israelsen, President of United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) and Shelley Sapsin, Director of MarketReady Insights, chat about MarketReady Insights, a tool offered by Informa Market’s Health & Nutrition division that helps businesses understand compliance, take necessary steps to prepare for events and accelerate businesses’ success. UNPA is a trade association for natural health product companies, an expert in national and international regulatory and legislative issues and is excited about the availability of MarketReady Insights for the industry, especially for businesses new to the market.

Loren and Shelley explore the historical impact of New Hope’s event standards and the development of MarketReady Insights to meet growing demand from ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and consumer brands for more comprehensive regulatory expertise as they participate in the many health and nutrition events hosted by Informa Markets.

Loren and Shelley, who are both in unique positions to observe the development of hundreds of businesses, warn against two common practices: 1) copying labels from products already on the shelves at retail and assuming they’re correct; and 2) using ingredient attributes discovered on the internet to make prohibited disease prevention claims on labeling rather than using acceptable structure/function statements. They discuss some of the top ten mistakes businesses make, connect compliance with consumer trust and show how MarketReady Insights is making affordable expertise available so businesses can start out and stay compliant.